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It seems that there are some issues with the charging of the iPad Mini, with various types of problems being reported, from slow charging to no charging at all.
If your problem is no charging you should first check to ensure there is not a software problem with your iPad Mini by rebooting, to do this hold down the on/off button at the top of the device, you will see a red button instructing you to slide it to power off, do so and allow it to power off completely. Again hold the on/off button; you will see the Apple logo in the middle of the screen as it switches back on. If this does not solve the problem and you are still unable to charge your iPad Mini you will need to investigate further. Check that you are using the correct charger for your device, if it’s not the one that came with the iPad Mini you should check that it is delivering enough amperage. The next thing to check is the cable, once again if it’s not the one that arrived in the box with your iPad Mini then it may not be suitable for charging your device. Try using your charger and cable on a different but compatible device, if it doesn’t work then you know the charger is faulty, or use a different charger and cable on your iPad Mini, if you can see a lightning bolt symbol then the device is charging and you will know your charger is faulty and needs replacement. If the charger is not at fault then you may have a hardware issue, either contact the retailer where you purchased your iPad Mini, go to an Apple store or contact Apple online or by phone.
Slow charging may again be a problem with the cable; cheaper non original versions may not be capable of delivering enough power to charge at a fast rate. Charging via a computer USB port may also be the cause of slow charging, particularly if you are using an older computer.
Follow these top tips for charging your device. When you first open the box and take out your new iPad check the percentage meter, located top right corner of the status bar, if it indicates over 40% charge then you don’t need to charge it immediately, wait until it drops down to around 20% and then charge until it reaches 100%. If you can’t see the percentage bar on your screen follow these instructions:
Settings – General – Usage (in general submenu) – Battery Usage – Set Battery Percentage to ON
Allow the charge on your iPad Mini to drop down to between 5% and 10% then fully charge to 100% about once a month, it is advised not to allow the charge to go below 5% as this may shorten the life of the battery. Never overcharge as this can also shorten the life of the battery.
The optimal way to charge your iPad Mini battery is via a power outlet using the charging cable supplied with your device. It is also possible to charge the battery via a USB port on your computer but you should check that your computer is able to provide enough power to do this, if you can see a lightning bolt in the middle of your battery meter then your device is receiving a charge, if there is not enough power you will see “Not Charging”. You should be aware that charging via your computer USB port can be very slow and you also run the risk of a battery drain rather than charge if your computer is turned off or in standby mode.
If your iPad Mini is still under warranty and re-booting the device has not worked, it is advised that you either go back to the retailer where you purchased your iPad Mini or contact Apple.

Special thanks to Nicole Hennig for providing the image.

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