Apple TV Flashing Light


You’ve been looking forward to watching a particular program or movie but when you get home you find that your Apple TV is displaying the dreaded flashing white light of death! It won’t turn on and you have no idea why or what to do about it! First of all – try not to panic! … Read more

Best iPad in 2020

Looking to buy an iPad but can’t decide which one will suit you best? This guide will help you make that decision, covering all the important aspects of each model, including the price. iPad The iPad now boasts a new, larger 10.2 inch Retina display which Apple say offers “incredible detail and vivid colours”, combined … Read more

Apple Release Hand Washing Feature

Apple Wash Hands

Tired of singing Happy Birthday twice whilst you wash your hands? This should be music to your ears…..the next software update to the Apple Watch includes Automatic Handwashing Detection! This new feature will alert the user if they have not reached the World Health Organisation recommended time of at least 20 seconds when washing their … Read more

iPad Jailbreaking

Jail break

To ‘jailbreak’ is defined as an electronic device’s owner gaining full access to the root of the operating system to access all features of said device. Jailbreaking an iPad means modifying the operating system by removing software restrictions imposed on iOS and Apple products so you can download applications which have not been approved by … Read more

The Apple Pencil

iPad Pro Pencil

The Apple Pencil may be taking a little time to reach retail stores but reviews from those who have managed to acquire one have so far been mainly on the positive side. Described by Apple as “Completely familiar. Entirely revolutionary” the Apple Pencil is a digital stylus that has been designed and built for use … Read more

New Apple Products Expected

Apple Event 2015

Apple has set Wednesday September 9th for its next event, widely expected to be one of the largest ever. The buzz is that Apple is expected to reveal several new products, with the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus as the star attractions The iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus There are not … Read more