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Smashed iPad Need Insurance?

You have purchased a shiny new iPad Mini and, of course, you are delighted with it! It is so small and light and you are really looking forward to carrying it around with you and showing it off ……… but what if you lose it or it gets damaged or stolen?
The very portability of the iPad Mini is also its potential downfall, we love the convenience of being able to pop it into a jacket pocket or a handbag but this makes it rather vulnerable to damage or theft so do we risk it or should we consider insuring it?
Applecare + extends your one year warranty to two years, you also get free phone support for the whole two years instead of the standard 90 days. It costs an extra $99 and must be purchased either at the same time as you buy your iPad Mini or within 30 days of its purchase. Unlike the standard one year warranty, Applecare + covers accidental damage, it also give you two incidents in which you can exchange your broken iPad Mini for a new or refurbished one – you will be required to pay $49 each time. You should be aware that Applecare + does not cover loss or theft.
To fully cover your precious investment you will need to take out an insurance policy, this will protect you against having to pay out again just to replace your device in the case of accidental or malicious damage, loss, or theft. You can also opt to include travel cover or even fraudulent use of your device.
Check out your home owners/renters insurance policy, you may be able to add your iPad Mini or it may already be included, always check the amount of cover as it may be minimal and you should also check how much your deductibles are.
If you paid for your iPad Mini with a credit card you may have a free extended warranty, this type of cover varies depending upon the credit card company but it is certainly worth checking out.
So the choice is yours, if you are not accident prone and intend to take very good care of your iPad Mini or you plan to upgrade as soon as a new model is released then extending the warranty may not be worth it, an insurance policy will cover you against loss or theft so that is certainly something to take into account when making your decision.
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