How to locate a stolen iPad

iPad Tracking

Having your iPad or iPhone stolen is a terrible feeling, it may have been taken from your house, your car or directly from your person, either way you no longer have your much loved iPad. You also have the added worry that someone now has your photos, contacts, app store login and possibly SIM card. … Read more

Apple iOS 8 Problems

iOS 8

Apples problems continue as more and more people are experiencing issues with iOS 8. The eagerly anticipated update was released September 17th and it introduced a raft of changes and improvements for the iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch, including iMessage, Camera App, Photo App and so on. Unfortunately the update also introduced a number of … Read more

iPad POS

iPad POS

The iPad is not just a beautiful piece of technology, it is also a very powerful and versatile tool that businesses of all kinds can use to their advantage. One such use for the iPad is that of point of sale, or POS, as it has become widely known, the touch screen operation and enormous … Read more

Apple Siri


Speech interpretation and recognition interface, otherwise known as Siri, is a voice recognition artificial intelligence decision engine, programmed with databases that should enable it to answer your questions. Apple says that “your wish is its command” and we have to admit that it really is impressive. Please click here to download the full article on … Read more

iPad Email Signature

Sent From My iPad

Have you noticed when you send an email with your iPad you get an email signature that says ‘Sent from my iPad’. There are several different thoughts that go through people minds when they see this iPad email signature, many think you are a show off, others think you are a loser while all other … Read more