iPhone 5 Free Battery Replacement

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program

Apple has launched a replacement program for defective iPhone 5 batteries after discovering that a “very small percentage” of iPhone 5 handsets may “suddenly” suffer from short battery life or require charging more often. Apple have found that a number of devices sold between September 2012 and January 2013 contained faulty components, Apple say that … Read more

Apple launches European charger exchange program

apple charger

Apple recently began a recall for certain models of the 5W European USB power adapter, these adapters are at risk of overheating, Apple suggests that anyone who finds that they possess the model in question should not use it but should instead exchange it for free under their exchange program. A statement on Apple’s website … Read more

iPad Overheating

iPad Overheating

A problem that seems to have plagued the Apple iPad is overheating and it doesn’t seem to be a problem that is going to go away any time soon. Enter “iPad overheating” into a search engine and page after page of support sites, forums and blog posts will appear, going back for years. Many iPad … Read more

iPad Not Charging?

iPad Not Charging

A very common complaint about mobile products is how long the battery lasts; everything that uses a battery has this annoying factor. Batteries are improving dramatically but the iPad, MacBook Pro, Samsung Galaxy or any electric car all need charging at some point. This is why it is particularly annoying when you receive an error … Read more