iPad Stylus

iPad Stylus

With the launch of Paper type apps for the iPad, the stylus suddenly came back into its own and is now a sought after and fashionable tool all over again How do you use your iPad, do you use your finger or do you use a stylus? A lot of people with long finger nails, … Read more

iPad Privacy Screen Protector

iPad Privacy Screen Protector

Have you ever been on a bus, train or flight and noticed someone is watching your iPad screen? This normally isn’t a problem as they only get to watch the best Angry Birds extraordinaire in action, but if you are working or checking your bank account this can be a real issue. You probably don’t … Read more

iPad Headphones

Apple Headphones

Is the iPad just a big iPod? No. Is the iPad designed specifically to play music? No. Yet I was still surprised when both my iPad and iPad Mini didn’t come with any headphones. My iPhone came with headphones so this would be the first time I would need to buy a pair of iPad … Read more

Best iPad kiosk stand

ipad kiosk

An iPad kiosk stand is an innovative, attractive and interesting way to provide information to consumers. Convenient and secure, an iPad kiosk stand will help to improve sales by allowing customers access to the information they require when sales staff are otherwise engaged. Potential customers are often put off by the very appearance of a … Read more

iPad Silicone Case

iPad Silicone Case

The general consensus is that touch screen portable devices, such as the iPad and iPad Mini, should be protected against damage by the use of covers, cases, screen protectors and so on. There is a vast range of this type of product, from Apple iPad Smart cases and covers to the humble – although not … Read more

iPad POS Stand

Square Stand

Are you thinking about transitioning to an iPad point of sale from your aging terminals or are you starting a new venture and feel the intuitive interface and cost savings provided by an iPad POS are perfect for a start up? You are fully aware of the time saved while training employees, the reduced potential … Read more

iPad Lightning to 30-pin adapter

ipad Lightning to 30-pin adapter

The Lightning to 30-pin adapter is an essential piece of equipment for connecting new Apple devices to older accessories that have the 30-pin connector, such as docks or peripherals. The original 30-pin connector was first introduced in 2003, although it was a reliable piece of kit Apple upgraded to the Lightning connector, a smaller and … Read more