iPad Mini POS Stand

iPad Mini POS Stand

Small businesses worldwide have been adopting iPads for use as their Point of Sale (POS) and they’re incredibly good at being a POS. You do need a couple of accessories for a full setup, such as a cash drawer, receipt printer, card reader and, most importantly, you need a secure stand – which is why … Read more

iPad Lightning to 30-pin adapter

ipad Lightning to 30-pin adapter

The Lightning to 30-pin adapter is an essential piece of equipment for connecting new Apple devices to older accessories that have the 30-pin connector, such as docks or peripherals. The original 30-pin connector was first introduced in 2003, although it was a reliable piece of kit Apple upgraded to the Lightning connector, a smaller and … Read more

iPad Mini Docking stations

JBL ipad mini docking station venue

Do you remember a little while back when Apple changed the old 30pin connector to the new lightning? There was an outcry, with the new connector being called stupid, pointless and ugly. Let’s face it, it was pretty stupid as anyone upgrading their device had to upgrade all their accessories and the adaptors didn’t work … Read more

Apple In-Ear Headphones

Apple in ear headphones

The Apple in-ear headphones with remote and mic are comfortable in the ear whilst still giving impressive sound isolation, two high performance drivers in each earpiece result in a rich and accurate reproduction of your favourite sounds and the convenient control capsule allows for minute adjustments to further enhance your audio experience. This all sounds … Read more