Has Apple Found The Loch Ness monster?

Loch Ness Monster

A satellite image discovered by the Apple mapping program has caused a great deal of excitement worldwide, with some claiming that this finally proves the existence of the Loch Ness monster – also known as Nessie
There are many, many people out there who are utterly convinced that the Loch Ness monster actually exists and they are holding this now viral image up as the long sought after evidence that they have been waiting for. The satellite image in question is of an area south of Dores and it was discovered by Andy Dixon and Peter Thain, Andy said “It was purely by accident that I came across the image. I was trawling through satellite transmissions of different parts of the country and I thought I would try Loch Ness, he added “I could see something big under the water and I saved it to my phone”. Loch Ness monster enthusiast and official Loch Ness Monster Club founder, Gary Campbell has been studying the image for months and he spoke to UK newspapers to say “It looks like a boat wake, but the boat is missing. You can see some boats moored at the shore, but there isn’t one here. We’ve shown it to boat experts and they don’t know what it is”, he added “they confirmed that while it looks like a boat wake, it cannot be a boat as there is no hull or superstructure visible. This is confirmed by the fact that there are clear images of other boats in the pictures”
Of course there are also those who are ridiculing this claim and insist that the image is quite simply the wake of a boat, they explain that the fact that you can’t also see the boat that caused the wake is the result of how satellite imagery is stitched together by computer programs. Apparently an object disappearing from satellite mapping imagery is very common after this process of stitching together and pictures showing the actual boat that caused the wake have been produced from earlier satellite images
So has the Apple satellite imagery mapping program discovered proof of the existence of the Loch Ness monster? The first recorded sighting was in 565AD and there have been 1036 reported sightings over the last 1500 years, so either Nessie is really, really ancient or he/she has been breeding, which of course means more than one Loch Ness monster. Although we agree that the image really does look like a giant catfish or Plecostomus and we would really love to be able to say that we think it was possible – we don’t, on this occasion, think that the image shows Nessie. We agree with those who say that it is the wake of a boat
Sightings of the Loch Ness monster can be found at www.lochnesssightings.com

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