Apple has accepted faulty button mechanisms

iPhone 5 Sleep Wake Button

In a rare large scale repair/replacement process, Apple has accepted that some iPhone 5 models have faulty sleep/wake button mechanisms and have offered to replace the “small percentage” of those affected.

The faulty sleep/wake buttons have only been discovered in certain iPhone 5 models and these models are among those manufactured during March 2013, the button either stops working completely or sometimes only functions intermittently. Apple have requested that, should you have experienced problems with your iPhone 5 sleep/wake button mechanism, you visit the Apple website and enter your iPhone serial number to confirm that your device is one that qualifies for repair. If your iPhone 5 is a model covered by the hardware replacement program and you wish to take up the opportunity to have your device repaired by Apple you will have two choices:

Carry in – take your iPhone to an Apple store or Apple authorized service provider who will examine your device to confirm eligibility then forward it to the local Apple repair center

Mail in – call Apple and request a postage paid box, then mail it to the Apple repair center.

If you choose the carry in option you will be able to take advantage of the loaner iPhone 5 offer that Apple is making, this will be the 16GB version of the device. If you choose the mail in option your device will be returned to you by mail after it has been fixed, the loaner iPhone 5 offer is not available for those who choose the mail in option.

You should be aware that your device will take approximately 4 – 6 days to repair from the date of receipt at the Apple repair center. It should also be noted that any damage to your device, a crack in the screen for example, will need to be repaired before the replacement of the sleep/wake button mechanism and Apple say that there may be a cost for the repair in some instances. Apple also say that “Your iPhone 5 must be in working order to qualify for this program” and those running iOS 6 will need to upgrade to iOS 7 after replacement of the sleep/wake button mechanism.

The replacement of the sleep/wake button mechanism program will commence April 25, 2014 in the US and Canada, it will not begin in other countries until May 2, 2014. Apple has stated that they may “restrict or limit repair to the original country of purchase”. This program will cover your iPhone 5 for 2 years after its first retail sale.

If your iPhone 5 is eligible for replacement of the sleep/wake button mechanism Apple has suggested that you take the following steps before it is taken or sent to the Apple repair center:

Back up to iTunes or iCloud

Turn off Find my iPhone

Erase data and settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings

Remove and retain your case or cover

You can check the eligibility of your iPhone 5 by visiting the Apple support site that has been specifically created for this issue and entering your device serial number. Go to

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