iPad Magic

The iPad is a truly versatile piece of technology that already has an enormous range of uses, from basic web surfing to e-reading, GPS, the list goes on and on. The potential for this digital marvel seems to be without limit, it has even been used as a display monitor during surgery in Japan, no wonder Apple like to refer to it as “magic”! Now it seems that there are creatively innovative people out there who are taking the “magic” to a whole new level.

The Japanese Shinya – also known as Salary Magician, and German Simon Pierro – Wizard of OS, are taking the world of magic by storm with their use of the iPad for performing the most incredible tricks and their illusions have become instant YouTube hits. The magicians have integrated the iPad into their routines by using a combination of programming and sleight of hand and the results can be quite mind blowing!

Shinya pours milk into his iPad and it turns to cheese, which he pulls out! He also pulls out a dove and a book and turns his iPad into an ATM. Optical illusions suggest that he is bending a fork like Uri Geller, or that his device is on fire with smoke billowing out.

Simon Pierro pours beer from his iPad in a trick he calls the Oktoberfest-Tablet, lights a virtual candle with a real flame and then blows on his device and the candle is blown out. We particularly liked the trick where he breaks the leg off a virtual gingerbread man and the gingerbread man’s smile turns upsidedown!

Apple tells us to “think differently” and these magicians, among others, are digital wizards at demonstrating how this can be achieved.

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