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Is your iPad running slow?

When you first get your iPad it feels incredibly fast, everything opens immediately and you start to wonder how they could have possibly created such a fast machine in such a small package. After a few months of use you start to notice your iPad is running slow, animations are a little jittery, things take […]

iPad No SIM Card

Everything You Need For Your iPad Repair

The aim of iPad Repair Only is to provide you with a useful resource site when you need to diagnose and repair your iPad. The site was founded in 2013 after the founders had repaired numerous Apple devices, discovering that your broken device doesn't necessarily always require an expensive trip to Apple. Since the launch of iPad Repair Only we have endeavoured to become your number one resource for Apple iPad diagnostics and repair, with the sole aim of assisting you when you are seeking to diagnose and rectify Apple faults

iPad Tethering Hotspot

iPad Tethering

Have you ever used tethering on your iPad? I know what you’re thinking, what’s tethering, it sounds technical? What if I called it Personal Hotspot? Would you know what I mean then? If you still don’t know what it is or are reading this thinking yes get on with it, tell me how to do […]

Image: charging is not supported with this accessory
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Forgotten iPad Passcode

iPad Forgotten Passcode

It really is a dreadful sinking feeling when you realise that you’ve completely forgotten the passcode for your iPad, it gets worse with each incorrect guess and you feel like flinging the device across the room when you eventually see the message “iPad is disabled”! So what can you do, are you stuck with an […]

iPad Tracking
Do Not Disturb Not Working

iPad Mini Do Not Disturb Not Working

We all the love the Do Not Disturb Feature that is included on the iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone, the problem is, it has a few little issues that are “disturbing”. The first batch of problems occurred back in January when a bug was uncovered in the scheduling that would mean the iPad would remain […]

iPad Polish
iPad Mini Do Not Disturb

iPad & iPad Mini Do Not Disturb

Ever since the iOS6 update iPad and iPad Mini users have benefited from the excellent do not disturb feature. It does exactly what it says on the tin, when enabled any incoming Calls, FaceTime calls and alerts will be silenced. This is an excellent feature if you sleep with your iPad Mini next to your […]

iPad Not Charging
iPad Screenshot

iPad IOS Screenshot

I was asked what I considered to be a really simple question the other day, how do you take a screenshot on an iPad? It made me think, I discovered iOS screenshots by accident, when I was just playing with the iPhone, but not everyone knows. So here is my incredibly simple guide to taking […]

iPad Low Network Coverage

iPad Low Network Coverage

Low network coverage on an iPad is a common complaint; it’s quite a wide topic and includes poor 3G and 4G coverage and signal, this article will cover a selection of issues and potential fixes. Wi-Fi issues will be covered in a future article. Carrier Coverage The most common issue is coverage on the iPad, […]

iPad Overheating
iPad Search Bookmarks

Search Bookmarks On iPad

If you are anything like me you probably have way too many bookmarks to scroll through, looking for that all important website that was forgotten all about months ago. Syncing multiple devices has only made the problem worse as the same list of bookmarks on my iPad contains, as expected, sofa surfing activity, such as […]

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YouTube Logo

iPad Mini Freezes Playing YouTube

Lots of people have problems using YouTube on their iPad Mini and a selection of other IDevices such as the iPad 2. The problem usually occurs within 5 – 30 minutes of playing video, although can take as long as an hour. The problem is most common when the video content is being streamed from […]

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