Is your iPad giving you a rash?

iPad Rash

An early model iPad has been found to be the cause of an allergic skin reaction in a young boy. The 11 year old child, who has not been named, had been suffering from severe rashes for more than six months before dermatologists were able to identify what the cause was most likely to be. The American Academy of Pediatrics published the study, a case report authored by the dermatologists, Dr Sharon Jacob MD and Dr Shehla Admani MD, titled “iPad – Increasing Nickel Exposure in Children” on Monday. The report was written after extensive testing by the dermatologists eventually found that the boy tested positive for nickel allergy, upon learning that he used his 2010 model iPad on a daily basis they also tested his device and discovered that it contained nickel. Their findings were confirmed when the child’s dermatitis showed significant signs of improvement after his iPad was fitted with a case. Dr Jacob and Dr Admani, who are both dermatologists at Rady Children’s Hospital where the boy was treated in San Diego, noted that nickel sensitization due to contact with an iPad had never been reported before, they wrote in their study “With the increasing prevalence of nickel allergy in the pediatric population, it is important for clinicians to continue to consider metallic-appearing electronics and personal effects as potential sources of nickel exposure”. It is well known that nickel is a common allergy inducing metal, symptoms of a skin allergy are often rashes, itching, red areas, bumps and blisters and dry patches of skin, the allergy can become very sore and uncomfortable if left untreated and can even lead to infection which may require antibiotic treatment. Nickel allergies appear to be on the increase, with 25 percent of children testing positive for Nickel allergy today compared with 17 percent only ten years ago, it is not clear whether this is because we are all becoming more sensitive to nickel or because nickel is more prevalent in items that we are in regular contact with.Apple are quoted as saying that they rigorously test their products to ensure they are safe for all of their customers and that they have found allergies, such as the one reported in this case, to be extremely rare. The company are also reported as stating that Apple products are made from the highest quality materials, meeting the same strict standards set for jewelry by the US Consumer Safety Product Commission and their European counterparts

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