iPad IOS Screenshot

iPad Screenshot

I was asked what I considered to be a really simple question the other day, how do you take a screenshot on an iPad? It made me think, I discovered iOS screenshots by accident, when I was just playing with the iPhone, but not everyone knows. So here is my incredibly simple guide to taking … Read more

Search Bookmarks On iPad

iPad Search Bookmarks

If you are anything like me you probably have way too many bookmarks to scroll through, looking for that all important website that was forgotten all about months ago. Syncing multiple devices has only made the problem worse as the same list of bookmarks on my iPad contains, as expected, sofa surfing activity, such as … Read more

IPad Mini 2 Retina

iPad Mini 2 Retina

That’s right, after all the rumours and speculation at the end of October the new IPad Mini was announced and released a couple of weeks later in plenty of time for Christmas. The first generation IPad Mini was a huge success, in spite of the shorter queues outside Apple stores on release day and subdued … Read more

IOS 7 Issues

iOS Issues on iPhone

IOS 7 was released on 18th September 2013 and included many new features, including a new user interface, AirDrop, full multitasking capability, improvements to the camera and many other features. It was received very positively, considering the drastic change to the user interface. The adoption rate was reported to be as high as 35% says … Read more