Apple iWatch


Rumors of a smart watch, possibly called the iWatch, from Apple have been flying around for many years and now the latest speculation is that it will be released sometime over the next few months, but are we really likely to see the iWatch launched in 2014? It has been some time, 2008 actually, since … Read more

iPad In The Office

iPad Office

The iPad is not only fabulously beautiful, nor is it just for playing games; it is a truly versatile device, ready for work as well as play, a valuable tool for when you are out and about, at home or in the office. With the long overdue launch of Microsoft’s Office for iPad, users are … Read more

iPad Repair In Austin Texas

Austin Texas Skyline

Live in Austin, Texas? Broken your iPad? Here are a few companies that may be able to help you get your treasured device fixed iPhone iPad Mac Repair Services are located at 105 East 5th Street, Austin, TX 78701, managed by Joel who seems to be very popular, he is a Master Technician with many … Read more

iPad Repair NYC

NYC Skyline

Is your iPad failing fast or completely broken? Do you live in NYC? We have taken a look at some of the companies offering an iPad repair service in your area and here is what we found. We will begin with AppleBerry Smartphone and Laptop Repair, also known as, located at 5th Ave and … Read more

iPad Magic

iPad Magic

The iPad is a truly versatile piece of technology that already has an enormous range of uses, from basic web surfing to e-reading, GPS, the list goes on and on. The potential for this digital marvel seems to be without limit, it has even been used as a display monitor during surgery in Japan, no … Read more

Rent iPad

iPad Available to rent

If you only need an iPad for a short period of time, or run a business and cash flow is important, the $499 cost of a base iPad can seem like an extremely high initial outlay. Many people only need an iPad to make a good impression during a particular presentation, interview or to watch … Read more