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Do you need to diagnose, repair and fix problems and issues with your iPad or iPad Mini?

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Everything You Need For Your iPad Repair

The aim of iPad Repair Only is to provide you with a useful resource site when you need to diagnose and repair your iPad. The site was founded in 2013 after the founders had repaired numerous Apple devices, discovering that your broken device doesn't necessarily always require an expensive trip to Apple. Since the launch of iPad Repair Only we have endeavoured to become your number one resource for Apple iPad diagnostics and repair, with the sole aim of assisting you when you are seeking to diagnose and rectify Apple faults

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Apple pulls out of Crimea

Following the increase in tensions between the US and Russia over the annexation of Crimea and the subsequent sanctions imposed by the US upon the region, Apple is cutting ties with App Store developers in Crimea. The measures were imposed in support of Ukraine and follow other sanctions previously announced by the European Union; the […]

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Apple App Store Prices

You may want to reconsider next time you feel that Apple’s App Store charges are a little too high, Apple has decided to increase the prices for many countries outside the US. Apple made the decision back in December and revealed their plans for a price hike in a recent memo to software developers, the […]

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Apple Storage

Apple gives less storage space than advertised

Apple is being sued again, this time over the amount of storage space that is required for its latest operating system, iOS 8. The class action lawsuit has been filed in U.S. District Court, Northern California, by two men from Florida who have been named as Christopher Endara and Paul Orshan. The lawsuit claims that “Apple […]

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How to locate a stolen iPad

Having your iPad or iPhone stolen is a terrible feeling, it may have been taken from your house, your car or directly from your person, either way you no longer have your much loved iPad. You also have the added worry that someone now has your photos, contacts, app store login and possibly SIM card. […]

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Tim Cook TIME Magazine Finalist

Tim Cook, Apple Chief Executive, is a finalist for the TIME Magazine 2014 Person of the Year award The Managing Editor at TIME, Nancy Gibbs, revealed the short list of contenders Monday morning on NBC’s Today Show. Tim Cook is among eight candidates who have been selected as finalists for this year’s Person of the […]

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Will the Apple SIM kill off the SIM card?

The Apple SIM is preinstalled in the LTE versions of the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3; this “reprogrammable SIM card” will allow users to choose a different carrier via the Settings menu. Apple says that “The Apple SIM gives you the flexibility to choose from a variety of short-term plans from select […]

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Will Apple kill off the iPad Mini?

Rumors are circulating that Apple may kill off the iPad Mini in 2015, the suggestion initially emerged in reports from Taiwanese news outlets and it has rapidly been taken up by the global media. The iPad Mini 3 was introduced to the world during an Apple Special Event at Cupertino, California on October 16 and […]

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Henry Ford Organization buys Wozniak computer

An Apple-1 computer built by Steve Wozniak has sold at auction for a staggering $905,000! There are not many examples of the first pre-assembled computer from Apple surviving today so the Apple-1 has become a rare and highly sought after collector’s item. This Apple-1 computer was particularly special as it was one of the first […]