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The aim of iPad Repair Only is to provide you with a useful resource site when you need to diagnose and repair your iPad. The site was founded in 2013 after the founders had repaired numerous Apple devices, discovering that your broken device doesn't necessarily always require an expensive trip to Apple. Since the launch of iPad Repair Only we have endeavoured to become your number one resource for Apple iPad diagnostics and repair, with the sole aim of assisting you when you are seeking to diagnose and rectify Apple faults

San Diego iPad Repair

iPad Repair San Diego

Is your iPad completely broken or failing fast? Do you live in San Diego and need help to get your treasured device repaired? We have taken a look at some of the companies offering an iPad repair service in your area and here are a few that may be of interest to you iCracked – […]

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Apple hires luxury watch company director

It appears that Apple is becoming more open about its plans for the much anticipated smart watch, the launch of which is rumored to be due this fall – October being the most touted month, as poaching the sales director of one of the most well known luxury watch names in the industry is not […]

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Apple targeted by latest Samsung ad

Apple has once again been the target in a new Samsung commercial; the latest ad follows previous primetime TV commercials in which Samsung poked fun at Apple. The new ad is a minute long but this time it did not appear on TV, it was instead posted to Samsung’s official Mobile USA YouTube account. In […]

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Apple to update iTunes U

At the end of June 2014 Apple announced updates to iTunes U, allowing teachers and their students access to new tools to “build and experience educational content on iPad” A free iTunes U app will enable teachers to create, edit and manage educational courses directly on their iPad, their students will also benefit by being […]

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Apple airs latest iPhone ad

The new iPhone commercial from Apple has arrived on TV, showcasing the ability of its iOS platform, along with iOS connected smart home hardware and apps designed and aimed specifically at parenting It has been reported that Apple’s recent series of TV commercials have not been created by TBWA’s Media Arts Lab, the company Apple […]

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Apple launches European charger exchange program

Apple recently began a recall for certain models of the 5W European USB power adapter, these adapters are at risk of overheating, Apple suggests that anyone who finds that they possess the model in question should not use it but should instead exchange it for free under their exchange program. A statement on Apple’s website […]

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Apple Allows Virtual Currency Apps

Apple has always previously denied any apps that promoted the use of virtual currencies, but having recently reviewed its App Store guidelines Apple has now decided upon a policy change and Coin Pocket has become the first virtual currency App allowed back into the App Store. Coin Pocket, the Bitcoin wallet app is now the […]

Apple Reviews

Apple Fake Reviews

Apple has started a crack down on false reviews in the App Store, recent reports say that the removal of any fake reviews commenced sometime around the beginning of 2014. The problem of false reviews in the App Store has been an ongoing and widespread issue, an issue that can have an impact upon App […]

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